For leaders, improving team participation is a continuous process. Whether working from home or in the office, it can be challenging to keep people engaged. One of the most common reasons teams can suffer from this is a few specific personalities dominating all conversation.

Being able to keep the quiet members of the team engaged is a challenge for in-person groups, as well as hybrid environments. Here are some tips for improving how your team works together in a hybrid workplace.


Creating a Safe Environment

A safe environment aims to provide a welcoming and empowering place for all team members to participate. According to studies, psychological safety is a vital factor that can help improve team participation. Leaders can help improve this by embracing open dialogue, encouraging discussion about the team’s goals, and encouraging discussion about the team’s activities.

A safe environment ensures that team members can communicate effectively and efficiently. In-person teams rely on each other’s trust and behaviors to manage the flow of information, while in a hybrid workplace, the use of tools can make this process easier.


Foster Trust

Stability is one of the most critical factors that leaders must consider when building a safe environment. According to psychologist and author of The Happiness Project, Vivek, it takes time for people to get used to each other and learn about each other. Fostering a stable environment allows people to have that time and properly acclimatize to one another. In a hybrid workplace, team members need to feel they can trust each other and, in turn, trust others.


Keep People Engaged

One of the most effective ways to improve team participation is by creating a task that requires the entire team to participate. For instance, you can ask members to create a photo collection of their favorite places or activities. The first try might take a while to get used to, but it will eventually become easier as the repetition helps the team members feel more motivated to participate.

To improve team participation, every manager has to experiment with different mechanisms. Some of these can support the cause, while others can help build trust and encourage participation.